Friday, February 17, 2012

CVS:Drugstore haul!

65$ later this is what I accomplished in CVS today! I initially wanted a new foundation and ended up with all this! I got the much talked about Revlon PhotoReady and the powder. I'm excited to try this, I see this in tons of beauty gurus blogs and videos, so we will see! I also wanted to try the Maybeline age rewind and while I was there noticed that if you buy 30$ worth of Maybeline you get 10$ back! Sold! So I got more of the tattoos and a finishing powder. Oh and another bouncy blush. I know I said I wasn't impressed last time but I decided to give it another try. All the Revlon was buy one get 50% off so I also got the lip butters, which I have yet to try! I freaking love them omg! I hear a lot of mixed reviews on them but I love the colors I got so far! Stay tuned next week I'll do a FOTD with the color tattoos and swatch the lip Butters!!


  1. I love your haul!

  2. Wow what a great haul! You bought a ton of things for $65!! I have been really wanting to try the age rewind foundation, I would love to hear your opinion on it before I purchase it :)

    I am definitely loving your blog !!

  3. Thanks!Ok cause I thought I spent to much for what i got!! lol

    but i did use coupons!!

  4. Great post and it really is definitly worth a comment from me. You have earned a loyal fan.


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