Thursday, February 9, 2012

DIY: How to get side swept bangs

Ok so I thought It might be fun to do like a tutorial kind of. As a hairstylist one of the MOST asked questions is.. "How do I cut my own side swept bangs?" There are so many different ways to do it, and I'm sure other hairstylists will have a different method. But below is the way I do it. I hope it is easy for you guys to understand. Maybe I should do a video too? What do you think??

This is my doll (she has no name lol)! Please excuse her hair. Doll hair has a very weird hairline and her bangs were not cooperating.
First which ever way you part your bangs (Fringe) you want to to cut the opposite direction. So you can see in these pictures her swoop is to the right.

Second you want to take small sections diagonally and pull them to the opposite side
keeping your fingers and scissors at a 45 degree angle as shown in the picture.

Third make your cut straight across using your fingers and a guide.
Keep repeating taking small diagonal sections, using the previous cut hair as your guideline! 

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  1. I've never had the courage to cut my bangs on my own but I wish I did :) Thanks for the tip!

    And also thank you so much for being so sweet and supportive to me! It really means a lot1


  2. Hehe so cute, you used a barbie doll as your model. Great post, will try this :) !

    Would love it if you could come check out my blog, if you like it, please follow and I will follow back :) Thanks a lot !

    Lisa <3


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