Thursday, February 9, 2012

Review: Bootie Babe Cosmetics + Valentines Day Nails!

Hey lovleys! So I recently posted an open box post and these were some of the things I received. I received four nail polishes from Bootiebabe. They are a fairly new company and only have about 12 colors but they come is such a cute bottles who wouldn't want to get their hands on these?? They are a cruelty free company and do not use harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde. They go on very thick and are not streaky at all. They also dry super quickly and they kind of leave a matte finish, so you may want to put on a coat or two. But overall I really like these polishes and they are only 4$ each! They also have the cutest promos on YouTube you can check out HERE. All their colors are very bold vibrant colors! Whether its their baby pink or baby blue they are still very bold! 

The very last picture is my Valentines nails!!! <3 I used the Bootiebabe in "Brink of pink" and then I used OPI "Pink Friday" for the polka dots, then OPI "Devine Swine" over the rest of the nails!

  Colors in order

   "Blue Baboo"
  "Purp Slurp"
   "Bossy Mossy"

** I received the BootieBabe polishes for free. These opinions are 100% true and mine**

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