Friday, February 24, 2012

Who wants cocktails?

Hey Beauties! Want to enjoy some great cocktails? Hair cocktails that is! I'm going to show you a few mixtures of products that I use for different looks.

First I am going to list all Paul Mitchell products, this is where I attended Cosmetology school so this is what I know best!

First one is a mixture of  Skinny Serum and Quick Slip. While the Super Skinny smooths, hydrates, and reduces frizz, the Quick Slip reduces drying time and gives flexible hold. One pump of each will work for medium length hair and apply to damp hair. I like to rub it all over my hands like I'm applying lotion, so when I put it throughout my hair I'm not applying it into one area. 

This is going to give you a straight, sleek, and smooth look!

Note: The Quick Slip might appear to get a little chunky once mixed, however, once you start drying those will go away!

Next one is Round Trip and Slick Works. The Slick Works will help define your curls and give them a little more texture. The Round Trip also defines your curls and gives a flexible hold without leaving hair stiff or crunchy. I use two pumps of Round Trip to one of Slick Works. Mix throughout damp hair and scrunch hair to give curls and texture.

This is going to give you bouncy flexible curls. The products are weightless and will not weigh down your curls!

Note: I use this cocktail on my somewhat naturally wavy and curly clients.

To add extra hold for this weightless curly look add sprays of Hold Me Tight securing your look with flexible locking hold.

*All Paul Mitchell photos in this post are not mine and give credit to*

If you would like to see more of my cocktails comment below! Do you have your own cocktail?

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  1. Loving these combo's. I really love Paul Mitchell products so I will definitely pick these up next time I go to my beauty supply store


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