Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jewel Mint 60% off first purchase! Look what I got!

I found a SUPER cute bracelet bracelet on Jewel Mint. I don't really visit the site often, as I never really see anything I like in my picks, but I just came across this bracelet today! Ahh don't you just love it!? It is the first thing I bought from Jewel Mint. Also if you are a new member you can get 50% off your order. But.. I just found another code I used and got 60% off! Use code NEWDEAL60. So I only paid 11.99 plus 0.99$ tax. Even if you are already a member and haven't purchased anything yet, still try to use this code! So stop by Jewel Mint today!


  1. Hi! Just stopped by on the Grand Event Alexa hop! Great blog!!

  2. Very nice bracelet thanks for sharing.


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  4. Adorable....I will heading to this site!!



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