Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's a Giveaway! Shamballa Bracelet from Cutey

Charm Bracelets

So I was contacted to  review and give one of these adorable bracelets away from cutey. I had been seeing these all over the place so I was very happy to review these. The company is called cutey and is based out of the UK but they still ship internationally. These shamballa bracelets are very trendy and add a little bling to your arm candy. It's the popular thing now to wear like 5 bracelets and watches lol! 

Anyways below are some pictures of the bracelets I was sent. Be sure to read the end for the giveaway!

I love how shiny and blinged out these are! These shamballa's have an easy tightening strap to fit your wrist.

If you are interested in winning a Shamballa bracelet please go here to enter!

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  1. Love these!! So cute!!

    xo, Jersey Girl


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