Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Julep Maven Box for ONE PENNY!


A while back I posted about my first Julep Maven box, and I really liked it. Not to mention I got my first box for ONE PENNY!  I think depending on where you live there might be tax, even then it might only be a dollar or so. I live in CA and it was one penny with shipping. This promotion is back just go HERE to sign up and use the code "SHAREONMAY". This could be a great gift for Mothers Day, although I guess we are cutting it a little close right? If you want to take a peek in my box I got, I will put the link below. Usually your intro box comes with 2 nail polishes according to the style quiz you took and one hand, face, or skin product. Oh an a nail file! The skin product is a good full size also. After your first month the box's are $20 and you have the option to skip the month and will not be charged.

Here is the link to my first Julep Maven box.


  1. what usually comes in boxes after the intro? Two polishes is a great deal but if its less then that after the first month I'm not sure if it's really worth it...great post :)

  2. @KatXoXo
    Hey! The polishes are usually 14$. You take a style quiz so they can match you up. If you don't like the colors you can choose see other maven styles and pick one from there.

    Your intro box is only two, unless you pick the 3 polish box no skin product. Also the boxes after are much bigger, usually 3 nail polishes.

    You can always cancel your subscription, or skip the months till you get a good one :)


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