Friday, May 11, 2012

OPI: Charged Up Cherry Swatch

I just picked up a color from Cosmoprof and I'm not really sure what collection this is from? It was on a new display so I snagged the last one! It is called Charged Up Cherry. It is a very coral-pink color, leaning a little more towards red. I love it its perfect for summer! See the swatches below.

Outside no flash                                                                  Inside no flash


  1. I love this color and wear it alot! :)

  2. Lovely color! I love everything cherry so I would probably get it just for the name, ha ha, but seriously, this was such a nice shade. Im a sucker for corals and this is perfect for summer :)

  3. Oh and btw, I stumbled upon your blog, it looks really interesting so I´m a new follower :-))

  4. Cool Blog :)
    Follow you now.


  5. Nossa...seu blog é um charme! adorei tudo por aqui!
    Conheci pelo de uma amiga :)
    Da uma passadinha no meu, se gostar e quiser seguir retribuirei com o maior carinho!

    Da para curtir a pag do blog no face, se puder :)


  6. Gorgeous color. Love it.

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  7. Oooohhh...! Love the color and the name.

  8. Very nice color!!!:)

    xoxo Petra


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