Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Too Faced: Chocolate Soleil Bronzer Review & Swatch

After hearing about this much buzzed about Bronzer on almost every beauty guru's blog, I was fortunate to receive this from TooFaced! I can definitely see why this is on every Guru's list. This cocoa enriched matte formula goes on flawless and is very blend-able. I am very pale skinned and I got the regular chocolate one and it's not too dark on my skin. This is perfect for contouring plus it smells absolutely amazing, I really want to eat it!! It smells like a big chocolate bar yummy!!!

They do have the milk chocolate one now for lighter skin tones. Like I said the regular one looks fine on me, of course I also apply it very lightly and don't need much either. Overall this gets a definite A+, from the adorable elegant packaging to the yummy smell!

You can't really see but there is a tiny glow to the bronzer, it maybe because my arm is so white haha! On my cheeks I can't really see it. 

This bronzer retails for $29.00 and can be found at your local Ulta, Sephora, or TooFaced.com  

What do you guys think of this bronzer?

* This was provided for my from Too Faced in exchange for my honest review. These are my opinions.*


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  3. I have never tried it, but I hear a lot of good things, hopefully I get around to trying it out.

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