Friday, June 22, 2012

BaubleBar: Hidden Bauble only $10!


Find the hidden Babuble! Somewhere on the site there is an item marked down to $10!

If you are not sure what Bauble Bar is, it's a jewelry boutique that adds new pieces every Monday and Wednesday. Adding new designers every week these pieces are gorgeous! They are supplied from jewelers that make high end jewelry. When you sign up you get a 10$ to start shopping with. Some jewelry is on the expensive side while others are a great bargain. Oh and did I mention FREE shipping on all orders?

Here is a clue: What are the FRINGE benefits of picking up this colorful necklace? Summer style, of course! Start Looking HERE To help you out, this is what the necklace looks like below! Can you say adorable? This necklace is normally $26 and marked down to $10! Unfortunately you cannot use your bauble credits for this special price!

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