Monday, June 11, 2012

JustFabulous: New members get 20% off plus New Sunglasses!


Justfab Has recently added some cute heels for summer including one of their most popular collections, Iron Fist. They also added sunglasses!! For those of you that don't know Just Fabulous is a shoe service site like Shoe Dazzle or Shoe Mint. And has the sexiest and cutest heels, boots, flats, wedges, and accessories too. Go HERE to become a member It's free to sign up and every pair of shoes is 39.95 plus you get 20% off first time orders plus FREE shipping! So about $31 bucks for anything on the site. 

Also someone emailed me and said they didn't want to order because the shoes in the pictures look big on the girls feet. Let me just say that all those pictures are digitally done. They do look huge and it sucks you can't see what they really look like on a real girls feet! But I can say from my previous purchases that they are not gigantor looking! They do run a tad small but that could just be me too.

Below are a couple heels from the Latest Shapes collection, Iron Fist, and the new sunglasses.


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  3. those heels are awesome......

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