Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baublebar Review: First Purchase.


I made my first Baublebar purchase yay!! I have been hearing so much about it since it was in one of the Birchbox's, after I went to the site I was in love! It took me like a week to figure out what I wanted! I would have gone crazy but I limited myself to one piece until I saw the quality. 

If you are not sure what Baublebar is, it's a jewelry boutique that adds new pieces every Monday and Wednesday, adding new designers every week these pieces are gorgeous! They are supplied from jewelers that make high end jewelry. When you sign up you get a 10$ to start shopping with. Some jewelry is on the expensive side while others are a great bargain. Oh and did I mention FREE shipping on all orders?

I bought the Tangelo 2 Link Strand this piece retails for $24 but I used my 10$ and got it for $14! This gorgeous necklace is perfect for evening, work, and casual outfits. The chain is not cheap feeling, it is actually pretty heavy. I actually thought this would be a little longer, but it sits right on my collar bone, which looks nice. It also has an adjustable chain with a lobster clasp allowing it to sit higher or lower on your neck.

Overall I am in love with it and this site is definitely my newest obsession, which I said in another post too haha! Also look out for posts from me on pop up shops and buried baubles, where hidden pieces are special priced! Check out my pictures to see up close and on me. 


  1. Lovely, I invite to see my new post

  2. I just came across your lovely blog, nice necklace ^_^

  3. Great necklace! :)

    From Finland, with <3,


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