Friday, July 6, 2012

My first Little Black Bag plus 10% off

So I jumped on the Little Black Bag bandwagon and I can say that I am a little obsessed! I don't think there has ever been anything like this unique service! First if you are not sure what Little black Bag is, it is another subscription service you sign up for. You are not obligated to pay every month you can just simply skip your bag. The bags are $49.95 a month, you can get more than one bag in a month but additional bags are $54.00. Once you are on the site you can pick anything you want to add to your bag. It can be a $80 purse or $60 jewelry, anything! Once you add it, it then shows you your bag, but you have hidden items that they pick for you and you wont see them till you go to checkout. You wont be charged until you ship your bag! This is where it gets fun, Ok so you now can see all your items this is where you can start trading other LBB members! So if there is something in your bag that you don't like you can look at your trades and accept a one or you can go back to the main site and look for an item you want and propose a trade. 

This might be one of the most addicting services there is! In my June bag I picked a Nila Anthony purse that retails for $80 I believe? I also had the free item perk from Klout so I had one extra item. I had some bangles that I thought I would never get rid of, but someone wanted to trade the black Haskell hoops so I accepted, yesss!  The Steve Madden Aviators were originally in my bag and they were hard to trade so I kept them and I like them. Last thing was the ncLA nail polish, I think I had it in an ugly color thank goodness someone traded me for the purple I love it!

Get a 10% off discount off your first bag by liking LBB's facebook  You really have to at least try this service once, it is so fun, addicting, and rewarding. I think these would be great gifts!! Visit LBB and try it out today PLUS for the month of July get a free Redken sample!


  1. like it a lot

    HIER gelangt ihr zu meinem Blog<3

  2. I love the bag with the neon pink touch

  3. Love your blog so so so much really! I follow u inmediately :) i hope you visit my blog too, it would be an honor for me!

    Kisses from Spain! Thanks

  4. I love that bag, girl! Cute blog btw, :)

  5. Amazing! The bag looks great!


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