Thursday, August 30, 2012

Anastasia Lash Genius Review and Pictures

New this summer to Anastasia is the Lash Genius. A topcoat waterproof mascara that can be applied to any mascara. This colorless topcoat is hypoallergenic, doesn't harden your mascara, refreshes instantly, and of course lasts. 

I like this idea a lot we will see how it works out with all my other mascaras in the future. But for now it seems to do what it says. I am wearing L'Oreal Telescopic mascara. 

In order to show you I applied Lash Genius to only one eye and plain mascara to the other. I sprayed my face with water, just a couple sprays. I then took my index fingers and in a downward motion rubbed my lashes. 

I did do this twice the first time the Lash Genius smeared. And I thought, OK, really this can't be right. So I washed it all off and re applied and let my mascara completely dry before applying the Lash Genius. That was my problem, because the second time around my mascara didn't even budge! 

Left eye with Lash Genius Right eye without

Top is before water spritz

Bottom after water was applied and wiped lashes.

 The product is thick but not clumpy once applied to the lashes. I put two coats on but with the first swipe it feels like it covered my lashes well. 

I love this product and I am really excited to start using this with my other mascaras. Everyone has that holy grail mascara and only if it were water proof when you wanted it to be. Well here it is! 

5/5 Rating 

This retails for $21 and you can buy it from or Sephora

*This product has been provided to me in exchange for my review. These opinions are 100% mine & true.*


  1. Interesting! I hate smudgey eye makeup.

  2. I am in love with your blog! That mascara looks amazing! <3

    p.s. you got yourself a new follower ;)

  3. Also good for us runners who always seem to have smudgy eyes (and yes, I run w/ mascara on, if not, I'd scare

  4. thats such a good idea! i wonder if they sell it in the UK. Love the through way you test them as well, great review x

  5. this sounds really good!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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