Saturday, September 1, 2012

BB Cream Series: Cleansia BB NWC21

I am pretty excited about this BB cream, it being my first Korean made BB cream. I haven't been able to find it anywhere except Beauty Joint, who was gracious enough to let me try this. 

From Beautyjoint website:

The natural ingredients in this Korean B.B. cream from Cleansia is all-in-one product that whitens complexion, reduce wrinkles, and blocks harmful UV radiation (SPF35 PA++).  This extraordinary cream also makes dark and dull skin clean and clear of blemishes.  The thin layer of smooth silicon oil and powder corrects the skin tone to a natural healthy glow.

The packaging is really nice and sleek and comes in a squeeze tube. The fragrance is pleasant I really like it, not too strong. I like the idea of the whitening agent brightening up your skin. The formula is very creamy and gives light to medium coverage. It makes my skin look great and gives a nice glowing look to my skin. 

It is dewy after first applying and stays a little tacky, so I just use a powder to make it more matte. Some might like the dewy feeling. 

Left hand blended with BB Right hand no BB Cream.

This retails on the Beautyjoint website for $22.99. For a 5% off discount on any purchase you can use code GLAMOROUS. 

Let me know what you guys think. Have you tried any  Korean B.B  Creams yet?

*This product has been provided to me in exchange for my review. These opinions are 100% mine & true.*


  1. I love this post!
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  2. Hi! Thank you so much for adding me on GFC. I have not tried any Korean BB creams yet. The only BB cream I have tried is the one from Clinique. I like it pretty well, but the color is slightly too light for me, and the next color up is too dark! Go figure. I have a hard skin tone to match!


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