Monday, September 17, 2012

Marc Anthony: Dream Waves Beach Spray Review & Photos

Even though summer is over, we can still have that summer, wavy look that everyone loves to have. This Beach spray by Marc Anthony will do just that.

What they say: 
Create natural, effortless, beach hair worn loose, soft and wavy. It adds body and texture to straight, fine strands or pumps up the curl in already wavy hair. Add extra definition to your wavy layers. 

Hydrolyzed Silk and Provitamin B5 protect your tresses while adding moisture and shine. Powerful UV Protectors absorb ultraviolet light to save your mane from harmful sun exposure, dehydration and color-fade. You’re left with manageable, touchable waves. Even the straightest hair can achieve tousled beach hair any time of year.

What I say:
Packaging is very simple and sleek. The fragrance is weird to me, it smells like coconuts, but then I smell this weird smell. Its not horrible just different! This product like most beach sprays contains salt, so if you have dry damaged hair I do not recommend this for you. The only problem I would have is the nozzle. It doesn't come out like a spray for me, it's more of a straight squirt! maybe it's my nozzle? I don't know.

My hair is naturally wavy/curly, but not like this. My curls are frizzy and all over the place, with the product it gives them texture and pieces them out a bit. I let my hair completely air dry also. I sprayed the product when I was damp and scrunched it up and let it dry. Sometimes when I blow dry it blows the wave right out. 

Overall I like this product, it does what it says, and for me having slightly dry hair the salt doesn't affect it much.

This is available at Ulta and retails for $8.99


  1. I love these beach wave sprays not seen this one though will have to go on a hunt for it :D Thank you.

  2. This looks really good. Sounds like it would be better with a different nozzle though! :)

  3. Oh I got so excited about a new salt spray until I saw you said it smells of coconuts! Shame I'm allergic haha! Your hair looks lovely with it though and I'll have to look see if it actually includes coconut extract :)


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