Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dry Shampoo Series: Aveeno Pure Renewal

I added another dry shampoo to my collection! Dry shampoos are becoming more popular now, and I see almost every brand with one out. They are not only great for removing excess oil, but added extra volume to your hair!

What they say:

"The Aveeno Brand introduces the new Aveeno Pure Renewal to refresh your hair without water for a clean, healthy look between washes. The formula is infused with Balancing Seaweed Extract and instantly revives hair for healthy manageability. The formula is sulfate-free and designed to remove excess oil and impurities to help boost volume. "

What I say:
Packaging is nice and simple has that natural look to it. Smell is really pleasant not overpowering like some dry shampoos. Gives great added volume.I have been mostly using this right before I tease my hair too. Gives really great shine, doesn't leave my hair dull after it's been sprayed. The formula is really grey/white once applied, but after you let it sit and once its brushed through, the residue is completely gone.

This is for sure at the top of all my dry shampoos. 

Retail price $7.49- $7.99 Available now at national food,drug and mass merchandisers. 

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