Friday, November 2, 2012

Fashion Friday: Sweaters & Accessories

Sweaters and accessories

Being comfortable in the Fall is probably my favorite thing. I love big over sized shirts and sweaters but just because your going for the comfy look, doesn't mean you can't look stylish. Spice up your baggy tees and sweaters with LOTS of accessories!



  1. I love your choices, Janelle! I especially love the gray sweater...and that watch!

  2. Oh I love the grey snoody sweater, that is so gorgeous!


  3. @Swede Dreams
    Thanks! I know you can never go wrong with an MK watch!!

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  5. I was going through my armoir of sweaters this wknd and realized they're like 99.999999999% solid...time to get a few with patterns!

    1. Same with me as well, I need more patterns!

  6. I love these; I've just invested in a sweater with a gold cross on from River Island which would fit right in here! I'm also loving massive cuff bracelets like your beaded ones!
    New follower; feel free to check out my blog xx


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