Monday, December 31, 2012

Lalicious Sugar Kiss Body Scrub and Body Butter Review

 I was given the opportunity to try an amazing brand called Lalicious. Lalicious is all natural line carrying, body butters, scrubs, oils and soaps. There are a lot of skincare brands to choose from these days, but I assure you this brand stands out among the rest! 

The scrub is simply amazing, while it has fine sugar as the base, it isn't to harsh on your skin. This scrub does leave a residue which some might not like, however, I rub it in with a towel and it isn't so bad after. I don't mind that residue feeling, this is more of a really moisturized feeling than a film left on your skin. This scrub leaves my skin smooth and moisturized all day, I almost don't want to put the body butter on after but I do because the smell is AMAZING!

What they say:
Sugar Kiss Body Scrub
"An amazing combination of Vanilla, Citrus and Rose. This is a highly moisturizing body exfoliator. Before you get out of the shower, scrub all over your body and rinse with warm water. Pat yourself dry and this deliciously sweet scent will layer nicely with your favorite perfume"


What they say 
"Paraben Free! This beautiful combination of Vanilla, Citrus and Rose is enriched with Shea Butter which seals in moisture keeping your skin soft throughout the day. Scoop out with your fingers and smooth all over skin. Use as often as desired for an intense hydrating effect" "

The body butter is just as great as the scrub leaving your skin so moisturized and creamy.  I don't need to apply it more than once. This body butter is very thick so a little goes a long way.
I definitely recommend these two products if you are looking for something with heavy, cream, and moisturizing! And if I haven't already said the smell is amazing IT IS! I love candy and vanilla smells.


  1. Uhhh...that looks lovely!! I love me a good moisturizing cream!!

  2. mmm that sounds delightful! Vanilla and candy scents are my fav too! :) BTW I am new follower here! I found your blog while searching for other beauty bloggers! I would like to invite you to come link up to a NEW linky party I just started called Makeup Monday! Its a link up for all things beauty related. :) Feel free to link up this and a few other older posts as well! :) Hope to see you there!


  3. I really want to try those products!! Happy new year, I hope it brings you all the things you want! I would love it if you could check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other?


  4. Oh my! That looks yummy. That really suits me, definitely.

  5. My skin have a very hard, vegan products hallp my skin of takcare.

  6. This is nice product I think everyone should be like this and I know a better website whose made natural beauty product.


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