Thursday, February 28, 2013

Grace and Lace- Leg Warmers Review & Pictures

Grace and Lace Leg Warmers $34.00

Browsing through Pinterest I found the most adorable leg warmers, so naturally I clicked on them and bought. Shopping was very fast and the quality is great. I wear them with leggings around the house or under my boots for an added girly look. During these cold winter months they do an amazing job at keeping my legs warm and toasty. 

Grace and Lace is a store on Etsy and she has a very wide range of socks and leg warmers, all in assorted colors.

You can visit the Lace and Grace store here and Facebook page here 


  1. Those are adorable! I am a HUGE fan of legwarmers in general and I love the scalloped detail at the top of these!

  2. Ohhhh adorable!! I love it!!


  3. Love them, so adorable. Thanks for doing this post lovely Ive been searching for a cute pair of leg warmers like this every where with no luck:) xx

  4. Aw wow, they're gorgeous!
    I might have to buy some of these, I loveeee the lace sock trend, it reminds me of primary school haha! So cute

    Kerys -xo


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