Thursday, February 7, 2013

50 Random Facts About Me Tag

  1. I am anemic
  2. I love soda
  3. I went to college for 2 semesters and dropped out both times
  4. Mouth noises irritate me
  5. Love going to basketball games but hate watching them on TV
  6. I make phone cases on Etsy
  7. I buy tons of heels and they barely get worn
  8. I love salads
  9. As much as I eat unhealthy foods I LOVE healthy snacks
  10. I procrastinate with everything
  11. I paint my nails almost every other day
  12. I have an unhealthy obsession with Gossip Girl
  14. I will watch anything that has to do with Vampires!
  15. I'll eat cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory but nowhere else
  16. I love anyone with pastel hair
  17. I love horror really gory ones
  18. I hate any kind of paranormal show or movie. Paranormal Activity scared me for life.
  19. 85% of the time my Iphone is in my hand
  20. I cannot leave home with out my Iphone, 
  21. Vanilla Lime is my favorite candle scent
  22. I struggle with the word Massachusetts
  23. I have an obsession with Paris themes decor. My salon is full of Fleur di lis's
  24. I still count on my fingers
  25. I have only read 5 books in my life from start to finish- The Twilight series and How To Make Love Like a Porn star by Jenna Jameson. Didn't even read the books from high school.
  26. I love Aria from Pretty Little Liars 
  27. I am a big time "Belieber" 
  28. I love theme parks, I'll go on any rollercaoster
  29. I hate water parks, slides terrify me 
  30. I am TERRIFIED of butterfly's and moths, yes it's weird I know
  31. Elephants gross me out 
  32. I am very anal when cutting someone's hair
  33. I am very messy but when I clean it has to be perfect like OCD perfect.
  34. I have been married since I was 19, I am 27 now 
  35. I LOVE reading and finding new blogs. 
  36. Anytime I am stuck somewhere, at the Dr, or anywhere I have downtime, I am always reading a blog.
  37. I have a Pro account with almost every makeup company that allows Pro Discounts
  38. I am trying to start YouTube videos but so nervous and scared 
  39. I ALWAYS forget to put on deodorant before I leave my house, don't worry I have two bottles in my purse!
  40. I obsess about Disneyland I have the wait times app on my phone all the time, and I always check it!
  41. I so badly want to go to the UK
  42. I heart UK Beauty/Fashion Bloggers
  43. In the winter I wear a scarf around in my house
  44. I love wine!
  45. I love drinking beer during Baseball season
  46. I share clothes with my 17 year old sister 
  47. Everything in my shower is all from Lush 
  48. I love fishing but hate touching fish
  49. I am terrified to swim in lakes with fish ( I've seen piranha too many times)
  50. This post took me two days to complete!!!

O my gosh I never thought I would think of 50 random facts about myself. It's tough! If you have done this tag leave your link below, I'll stalk you!



  1. I love reading these kind of posts, nice getting to know you better! I'll be making one of these on my blog soon, so keep posted if you're interested to check that out :)

    Inês xxx

  2. Thanks! I like them too, yes let me know when you do yours!!

  3. I really want to visit the UK too and I have wanted to start making YouTube Videos for years but Im way to nervous (and I have no idea how to edit lol)
    Sara xx

  4. Congrats on your long-lasting marriage! Way to go :D And it's okay, I still count on my fingers too x

  5. Love reading all of your facts! Too funny because I forget to put deody on too. I keep some at work for days that I forget! HAHA! I hate water parks too. Got stuck on a slide once and got hit by a big man coming down. Will never get on one again! :-) And let us know when you start making YT videos. It's nerve wracking at first but we promise that it's a lot of fun!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. We have so much in common! I love Gossip Girl AND Chuck Bass! And wine... and beer during baseball and football season... and I buy way too many heels but don't wear them nearly enough!


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