Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Marc Anthony: Sock Bun Created Two Ways

A Simple Sock & Classic Tease = Full Ballerina Bun Created Two Ways
By Marc Anthony Hair Care

The Ballerina Bun. If any hairstyle can be called a classic, this is it. It is the perfect little topping for a casual day at school or work and can even be carried to night for dinner, dancing or whatever your fancy. The Ballerina Bun definitely does it all.

We love to show this look in two variations with Classically Smooth and Messily Textured. Though the difference in method is slight, using two distinct textures will take the overall feeling from polished and refined to soft and carefree. We use tools as simple as a sock and techniques as traditional as teasing to give both of these buns the substance needed to stand on their own and make a real statement. 


Watch the YouTube video below

For both of these you’ll need to secure your hair into a high ponytail. We like the smooth bun to sit on the crown, but a lower bun looks equally elegant. For the messy bun, keeping it on the crown maintains its ballerina allure. Give it a quick spray with Hairspray and use a bristle brush to smooth the hair and get the pony nice a tight. Secure it with an elastic band.

This is the original classic; the one you would see prancing across the stage in a telling of Swan Lake. Have you ever wondered how to get that perfectly smooth, doughnut shape? Hint: Now you’ll find a use for those extra socks with a missing side. 

1.       Once you have made the ponytail, take a sock (preferably one close to the color of your hair) and cut the entire toe section out of sock to that there is now a hole at both ends. Wrap the sock around the ponytail the same way you would a Scrunchie.
2.       Take the ponytail and spread hair out evenly over the sock. Give it a soft spray with Hairspray and smooth it down a bit.
3.       Start to roll and tuck the hair under the sock trying to get it as smooth as possible. Bobby pin the hair as you tuck it, until you run out of hair. You can softly smooth any kinks out with a bristle brush. Give it a nice spritz of Hairspray for hold and shine and voila! A perfectly  polished bun.  

Sometimes a girl wants to add a bit of edge to their classic look and the messy textured bun gives just the right amount, while remaining pretty.

1.       Once you’ve pulled your hair into a high ponytail, spray the pony lightly with HairsprayTease the pony lightly and give it a good spritz with Beach Spray to add some texture.
2.       Gather the hair into your hands and form a messy bun shape, pinning it in place without losing the untidiness and looseness of the look.
3.       Adjust the fullness of the bun to your liking by gently tugging on some areas to loosen and position them, being careful not to pull the bun out completely. Give it one last burst with Hairspray and your done! A messy take on a classic.

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  1. Love wearing buns on the top of my head or low & off to the side behind my ear. Great post but I couldn't see your pics (watched video and read everything though) :)

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  2. Didn't see see pics but saw the vid. Super cute hairdo :) x


  3. Buns are super easy with these socks, I love them!

    Megan xxx

  4. Love buns - saw the video but not the pics. Great post :)

    Red Soles and Red Wine

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