Friday, March 15, 2013

Pureology: Reviving Red Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Reviving Red Shamp'oil*-$29.00 (8.5oz)
Reviving Red Condition*-$29.00 (8.5oz)

What they say:

Reviving Red Shamp'oil

Maintains vibrancy and replenishes hair
Delivers 4x the active ingredients to help replenish the protective lipid layer and seal the cuticle
Nourishes damaged hair

Reviving Reflective Condioner

Detangles and helps restore hair
Helps fight oxidation and fading
Seals and anchors vivid pigments into the hair
Keeps hair and haircolour in optimum condition

With my newly red hair this was perfect for me to try! Everyone knows red is a pain in the butt but it's so darn gorgeous! A lot of my clients won't even touch red because of how quickly it fades. Using this shampoo for the past couple weeks has extended the color of my hair. Using this and the weekly treatments (review soon) my hair looks freshly died and vibrant.

I really like the consistency of the shampoo I've never really experienced anything like it. It is very gel like and lathers so well. A little goes a long way, even with those with long hair like mine. We always think we need a handful of shampoo, not the case here. The conditioner is really good at detangling. My hair is so long it gets really tangled, I always have to spend a lot of time working the conditioner through. Once I apply it it immediately starts breaking down my tangles and leaves my hair feeling like butter!

Overall, I am very impressed with Redken, although they never disappoint,  this product really helps me between hair dyes.

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