Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer (Apocalips) Swatches & Review

 The long wait for the Apocalips is finally here except under a different name, Show Off Lip Lacquer. Why the name change? I have no clue I am just excited to finally have them! Once I started seeing they were here it then felt like forever till my Walgreens got them. These were the only colors they had left. They are available in 14 shades from creams to shimmers.

101 Celestial
102 Nova
200 Comet
201 Solstice
300 Out of this world
301 Galaxy
303 Apocaliptic
400 Big Bang
401 Aurora
500 Luna
501 Stellar
600 Nude Eclipse
601 Lightyear
701 Stargazer

These were definitely worth the wait, I don't have one bad thing to say about these. From the color pay off to the fragrance, they are perfect. Wear time for me was about 3 hours before they started to wear but even then wear was very minimal, I didn't even re apply till after 5 hours. 

Nude Eclipse, however faded a little quicker than the others. Wear time was about 2 hours before it was faded, I did re-apply with this shade after 2 hours.

Color pigmentation is amazing, the colors are gorgeous. They don't stain the lips like crazy either- very easy to wash off. These aren't sticky like a gloss but yet they don't feel like lipstick either. They almost remind me of YSL's Rouge Volupte Lipsticks, very creamy feeling. Stellar is by far my favorite it is a great color on the lips. Oh yah and fragrance smells like the Kate Moss Lipsticks :) 

I took pictures so you can see them in the light and shade. You can see the color difference in both lights.



  1. Love these! I just bought them myself and will be reviewing them! 😊

  2. just added nude eclipse to my beauty shopping list :)


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