Monday, September 23, 2013

Lush Stepping Stone Scrub Review

Ahhh Lush, the greatest bath store invented! I've been neglecting my Lush needs lately and I finially made a long list of products a need to restock on. One I haven't tried yet was the Stepping Stone solid scrub.

I wear sandals all summer and my heels always get so dry, I never really take the time and tend to my feet until this little wonder. This hand size scrub will last you a couple times depending on how gentle you are with it, and you don't want to run it directly under the water or it will melt away.

The little pumice particles in the scrub help scrub away dead skin while the lemony fragrance oils help to deodorize, and the lycopodium powder helps to absorb odors. And lastly the oil and cocoa butter help keep your feet soft, smooth and moisturized.

How to use:

Simply soak your feet for a while let your skin soften up so it's easier to break away dead skin. Take the scrub and scrub away, and avoid running it under water. My preference is to break the bar up into pieces, for me it always ends up breaking apart anyway and for this reason I had to get another one.

Definitley pick this guy up if you love pampering your feet for the price I am going to go back and stock up to have all the time!

Price & Availability:
$4.50 available at Lush stores and


  1. One of the first products I tried from Lush and still one of my favorites. I call it the frog foot though obviously it's supposed to be a human foot. lol.

  2. Omg ...I love your blog... Where did you get this them... So girly....


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