Monday, September 9, 2013

Make Up Miser Photos & Review

Do you ever get frustrated that you can't get every drop of your expensive liquid foundation? There is a lot of product left in those bottles after we think our foundation is all gone. This spatula concept called, the Make Up Miser, gets all that product left on the inside that we can't get to. 

  •  Flexible and durable spatulas that conform to the shape of the bottle- reaching bottom, sides and shoulders of container.

  • Black spoons create an effective color contrast to view the amount of product you want to retrieve.
  • Smart spoon design captures and cradles every drop with no spillage after retrieval.
  • Spatulas are eight inches in length to reach into taller bottles where cotton swabs can’t - and they won’t absorb your products like cotton swabs.
  • Precisely measures out loose powders and minerals to prevent messy waste from shaking it out of container.
  • Washes clean with soap and water - reusable for a lifetime of savings--Can also be sanitized with isopropyl alcohol.

  • I am really impressed with these little magic spatulas, they really prolong the use of my foundations. This bottle was ready to be thrown away, and after using this handy tool on it, I was able to get product out for at least another week.

    These come in three different sizes and shapes to better fit all types of bottles. The flexible heads allow them to squeeze into small bottles. These also can be used to get product out of jars to avoid contamination. They are not porous and easy to wash so they will not harbor any bacteria. I have actually found many uses for these which makes them very universal. I also used these on my daily moisturizer which is in a pump bottle.

    I highly recommend these if you are one that does not like to waste. Especially if you are spending $50+ on high end brands and you want to make sure you get every last drop.

    These are $14.95 for a three pack and can be found at use code "SAVENOW" for a bogo offer.


    1. I have had these for years and they work for everything from make-up/skincare, toothpaste and even crafts.....I SWEAR! Love my Make Up Misers!

    2. I haven't ever seen this before, such a great idea! :) xx


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