Monday, September 23, 2013

September RocksBox

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RocksBox is another subscription service where you are sent random pieces of jewelry according to your style. You fill out a quick survey and you will receive 3 pieces of jewelry ($200 on average), if you like any of the jewelry you can buy it at a discounted price or send it back. Don't like anything? That's OK, send it all back and you'll get a whole new box. All jewelry is sanitized before sending out to customers, this was a big worry I had about the service but they clearly state that they clean everything. You can keep your jewelry for 60 days before having to return it.

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Shipping is extremely fast with this subscription! As soon as they receive your box back they immediately send you a new one, which is what I love.

This box was OK for me, nothing in here I was super excited about. This could be because I failed to fill out my style card the last time. The earrings are super cute but they are a little too heavy and I hate earrings that sag off the ear. The ring was cute as well, but way too big for my liking and heavy! Last the bracelet was probably my favorite out of all the pieces it was a gorgeous style I am just not a fan of the color and finish :( 

Great thing about this service is you're not obligated to buy anything. Maybe you like them enough to rock them for a month or so or maybe you just want a whole new box. Either way if something isn't for you there is no limit to how many times you can send your pieces back! 

Edge of Ember Padma Earrings

Trina Turk U Turn Ring

 Loren Hope Clara Bracelet

 Whats in your RocksBox this month? Leave your links below I'd love to see your posts!

RocksBox Subscriptions are $15 for 12 months ($180 up front) , $17 for 6 months ($100 up front) , or $19 a month (monthly)


  1. the bracelet is gorgeous. there's so many of these types of subscription boxes around, it's hard to know which one to go for!

  2. This is really cool and I like how you're not obligated to buy anything. The earrings are really glam and I could see those with so many outfits this winter.


  3. Love rocksbox! They send such awesome pieces, they make it so hard to send things back. Btw that bracelet is GORGEOUS!

  4. Never heard of this one...but I too think the bracelet is my favorite out of the three. Pretty nifty that you get to send back and try out different jewelry.

  5. The ring looks super cute :)



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