Monday, October 28, 2013

October Birchbox 2013

the balm- cosmetics Stainiac $17

dr. brandt® microdermabrasion skin exfoliant $78

12 Benefits™ Instant Healthy Hair Treatment - 8 oz $21

dr. brandt® light years away whitening renewal solution 3.9oz - $55

dr. brandt light years away whitening cream cleanser 3.17oz- $45

My box was ok this month. I am most excited about the chapstick which I have been a long time fan of the brand. I was excited to see the balm in there, just not to fond of stains. i really was hoping to get the Benefit or the masks that I was seeing :(

Unfortunately this may be my last box.  After seeing some great boxes, I wanted to try again but I am just not sure if I want to continue with Birchbox. I don't really like that everyone gets different things, I understand there will be some tweaks here and there but my boxes are always completely different from everyone's I see. Also these two months both my boxes were ruined by leaking and spilled products, not sure if it was from it being packaged or handling through mail. I might return in the future and I am sure as soon as I stop I'll see some great boxes again, that's the way it goes. :) But for now I think I'll be putting it on pause! 

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  1. I actually love birchbox, but I've felt the same exact way as you did with ipsy, then as soon as I cancel it after 3 months it steps up it's game! ugh that's always how it happens. I'm so sorry to hear you weren't impressed with birchbox. I love the chapstick extra this month.


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