Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Citrus Lane- Monthly Box for Kids Plus 50% Off

This is a little step outside beauty and fashion but recently I have become a member of a few different monthly box services. With all the popular beauty boxes out there, I am starting to see services for just about anything! The most recent one I signed up for is Citrus Lane. Oh my gosh, when I saw this on a mommy blog I had to get this for my 3 year old.

How it works:

Select the plan that works best for you and your little one. Plans start as low as $21 per month.

Tell us your little one’s age (from newborn to 3) so we pick just the right products for your box.

We deliver a special box to your door every month...and shipping is free! 

Just like Birchbox or Glossybox this service you pay monthly for and based on your interests and likes, they send you products from snacks to toys for your baby or toddler.

For new members you can take advantage of the 50% off your first box! Use code BLOGSAVE . Packages are $25 a month for month to month or $21 a month for a 6 month subscription.

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