Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lush- Sandy Santa Body Butter Holiday 2013

With a slightly new formula this year Sandy Santa is back! Of course he is new to me and I already love him. His sand and sugar ingredients help buff away dead skin and with one of the new ingredients being murumuru oil, he leaves your skin feeling so smooth! 

His little red sandy hat got all over him but he is cute that way. :) 

He smells like coca-cola to me not sure what he is suppose to smell like, but that is my guess. He is very melty and different from your Buffy Bar. I use him on my legs mainly before shaving, my skin is too sensitive to use him anywhere else. I find that the sugar and sand are a little more harsh on my arms and body. But he has definitely replaced my Ocean Salt at the moment which is what I used before shaving. While Buffy leaves a slight oily residue on your skin, Sandy does not and you're still left with very soft skin and it smells so good! 

Overall: I love him! From his smell to his little red Santa hat! My skin after is soo soft! The only thing that I don't like so much is that he goes fast I started wiping him with a towel after I was done before putting him in the tin, that way he isn't sitting in water. But other than that I think he is fun and a great body butter/scrub.

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