Monday, January 13, 2014

December RocksBox 2013

If you aren't familiar with RocksBox  it's a personalized jewelry service where you receive up to $200 worth of designer jewelry each box. The fun and more unique part is that you can choose to keep the jewelry as long as you want. Or you can return your pieces for new ones right away if you aren't satisfied. As long as you are paying for your membership you can trade and keep pieces as often as you'd like. If you really enjoy a piece you can buy it at a membership only price. Or just trade in your pieces and flash new stuff all the time! 

My December RocksBox was my favorite so far! It really is important to fill out the survey after receiving your boxes because they really do listen! I never filled them out up until my last two boxes.
Shipping and returning is super fast, I'm in CA and as soon as I send my box out it takes about 5 days to get another one which is awesome. Memberships are as low as $15 a month.

I don't have the price list anymore but I do remember the rings were the most expensive pieces at $96. 

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