Sunday, January 19, 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue Review

Oh Maybelline, you just keep on gracing us with these cute Baby Lips! First I must tell you that I had an extremely hard time photographing this product, while it's not my best work I apologize! I really couldn't get lighting right on this and the actual balm kept picking up red ugh. 

Anyway I was at Walgreens the other day and spotted this seriously hiding behind the Electro Baby Lips! They only had two colors at the time. And I seriously didn't even read that it was medicated at first, I just wanted it for the cute packaging, I know I'm horrible. 

These come in 6 shades so far and the one I have is in Pink Me Up. 

What they say:
No more basic lip balm.

Medicated care + 12 HR hydration.
Soothes quickly with a hint of eucalyptus.
Cools sore lips with a touch of icy menthol
In 6 new natural tints to even out lip tone for healthier-looking lips

Why You'll Love It

Medicated care soothes sore lips and combats dryness

In 6 New natural tints
In 1 minute, lips feel soothed.*
In 1 day, lips look more smooth.*
In 1 week, lips are renewed*

OK, so I have some major bitter sweet feelings about this product. First it's medicated so  It has a menthol smell to it likes Vicks or Carmex which in my opinion is expected seeing as its "medicated". Plus after a couple minutes I can't even really smell it. It is cooling on your lips giving them that icy/tingly feel. Pigmentation on this particular one is slightly pink and mostly sheer but looks really pigmented in the tube. You can see some  swatches from Hollie at EatingLipstick if you are interested who shares a little bit of the same feelings as me. 

Moisture didn't last twelve hours for me in fact it barely lasted one. My lips actually felt like they were getting dry and I kept applying like crazy and after another 20 mins they still felt dry. Kind of like when you're thirsty and you should be drinking water but instead you drink soda or juice and you keep getting more thirsty, like that. 

-I like that they tried with the whole "medicated" thing. It could have been a hit for me had the formula been right.
-I love the packaging, I love pastels so this for me is why I mainly bought it.

-Hate that it feels like its drying out my lips.
-Didn't like that feeling of having to re-apply excessively 
-Don't like that it looks super pigmented in the tube when actually its very sheer

          Warning* picture below does not show the true color of the balm see next photo to see it's true color!

       I have no idea why when I photographed just the balm it came out perfect! 

Price & Availability 

Drugstores and Supermarkets

Have you tried these new Dr Rescue balms yet? What do you think?

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