Thursday, February 20, 2014

January Favorites 2014

They are late but they are here! My January Favorites. It's been weird weather here in NorCal and my skin has been confused, so I have quite a few lotions this month! 

Lady Gaga Fame ($79) 
I love this perfume, it for one is black which I think is super cool. It doesn't spray black though, the fluid fades as it is sprayed. I'm a fan of musky vanilla type fragrances and this is pretty similar. Not to mention this cool looking bottle, reminds me of the movie Death Becomes Her with Goldie Hawn- I'm sure no one has ever seen it! Lol

Skin care: 
Michael Todd True Organics Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser ($23)

Loving this cleanser and my review will actually be up tomorrow! But this has saved my skin this month as far as deep cleaning. And I love the gel consistency.  This brand has proven to be amazing so far. 

Lavanilla Body Butter Vanilla Grapefruit ($19) 

This is a great lotion if you're looking for a fun all natural product. I'm always afraid to try natural and organic lotions as most don't really have appealing scents. But these body butters have some fun 
scents with the main scent being vanilla. This lotion just smells so darn good I have to use it everyday, it provides instant moisture as well. 

Jergens Daily Moisturizer 

I got this in my Beauty Box 5, which I'm late on as well, and it's been in my purse ever since. I love having small lotions like this to carry around, I am constantly using lotion since I do hair for a living. My hands can get really dry from all the water and chemicals I come into contact with. So this has really been amazing on my hands! 

Lush Dream Cream 

This lotion has some really great ingredients and it's amazing! If you've tried it then you already know. Because it's pretty pricey and easy to go through quickly, I do only use this on my face now. It helps sooo much with the redness in my face, it's crazy! Plus my face is incredibly dry and this really helps the moisture last. This is a must have if you go to lush! 

YSL Rouge Volupt Lipstick Peach Passion ($34)

There's no secret YSL is queen B of lipsticks. This is one of my favorite shades from them. It's so creamy and smells divine. With that said I found a friend that it pairs we'll with. 

NYX Butter Gloss Apple Strudel ($5)
I had this in last month favorites but a different shade. But this color goes perfectly with my YSL Peach Passion. 

Left NYX 
Middle YSL
Right both 


Rock Your Hair Get a Lift Volumizing Spray ($22)
I love root lifts and one thing about this that just makes me love it so much is how it sprays! That might sound odd but if you use root lifts a lot you'll know they tend to spray in a straight line or wonky. This sprays out so evenly and fine it just makes it work all that much better! Review coming soon! 

Moroccanoil Frizz Control Spray 
Perfect on wet or dry hair which is what I love about this spray. The smell is fabulous and it works wonders with frizz. It also tames my wonky baby hairs too!

Swan Creek Candle Warm Cinnamon Bun ($16) 
If you are a fan of candles that resemble sweet stuff you'll love this candle and brand! I have never heard of this brand before and they are really creative. This was given to me as a gift by a family member and it comes in a little cast iron pan, how cute?? The fragrance is so strong and it looks like it can be edible :/ it even confused my poor three year old lol. 


I have followed her blog forever and she always has great crisp, clean photos and thorough reviews. She has a great mix of high-end product and drugstore reviews. I love that she is doing YT videos now too which is something that I have been trying to start doing but can't find the time. But it's always nice to see a long time blogger get into YouTube!

Photo from Vanity Rouge


This month I've really been addicted to Dani's videos. Not only does she have such uplifting spirit, she is really fun to watch. I started watching her a few months back and I've been enjoying all her videos. She posts videos several times a week which is something that not all You-tubers do!
Photo from Coffee Break with Dani 

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