Thursday, February 6, 2014

JustFab Picks- Venezia

I am so late on showing my JustFab pick for last month but here it is! Venezia, isn't she gorgeous? These booties are so cute and the color is just perfect. I always go for blacks but this taupe color is just fabulous!

I didn't so much care for these booties with leggings, I tried about three different pair and they just didn't look right to me. They look great with jeans or a skirt/dress. These probably are my least comfortable pair from JustFab, I could only stand to wear them for about  hours before I was dying. The toe is very narrow and these might not be ideal for some. I believe these booties are sold out but their selection right now is gorgeous, so check out their latest styles they have available! You can browse JustFab Here.

Price & Availability 
$39.95 free shipping at JustFab

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