Friday, February 28, 2014

L'Occitane Ultra Soft Cream- Zesty Lime Review

This is my first L'Occitane product and it is amazing. When I first opened this it looks as though the product is very thick, which it is, but not like you are thinking just looking at it. It has such a silky and smooth feel when applying, it's just absolutely amazing. After it's applied my skin is so soft and creamy, no greasy residue of any kind. It's crazy how lightweight this is too I was expecting something much heavier.

I am just in love with the packaging as well, although I am not fond of the tin for sanitary reasons, just have to make sure to wash before using. And maybe not share with anyone either ;) The lime scent is very pleasant and not over powering- gives you a fresh clean smell. I always use this right out of the shower. For the winter this is a great cream for dry skin. I am always exploring lotions and hand cremes because of my profession as a hairstylist, and this one so far has been great! 
Price & Availability 
$24.00 3.5 oz

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