Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Heat up with Biore's Self Heating One Minute Mask Review

Press Sample

As the temperatures drop, be sure to heat up with the Bioré Skincare Self Heating One Minute Mask. The thermal mask with Natural Charcoal is ideal for a quick deep clean.
Bioré Self Heating One Minute MaskIn just one minute, this thermal mask warms to open pores, draws out and dissolves 2.5 times more dirt, oil, and surface toxins than a basic cleanser, and rinses them clean away with an invigorating cooling sensation. Infused with natural charcoal, this breakthrough mask melts dirt and oil better than the leading competitive mask. So clean your pores from the dirt, oil and makeup of the past and clear the problem.

This mask is probably one of the most fun and efficient masks I have tried. Bioré products are always fun anyway, I just love being able to see instant results. This pack comes with 4 single use packets, although I feel like there was more than enough product in one packet. I actually used one packet twice. I use these in the shower, it makes it esier to rinse it all of your face. Once you apply the product you want to massage it all over your skin for a good minute or two. It gets pretty hot and it feels so weird but isn't painful at all! If your mask isn't heating anymore try using a little water on your hands when you massage it.

Immediatley after using the mask my skin was incredibly soft, I am talking baby but soft! Not to mention after two masks my pores looked free of blackheads and dirt! These are definitely my new holy grail masks! My only con with this is I think they are little pricey for only 4 masks. But the good thing is, is if you are a drugstore couponer you can get these cheap! 

Price & Availability 

$7.99 at most drugstores & supermarkets

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