Monday, April 21, 2014

The Scent Of School Spirit- Masik Fragrances Review

I have really been into perfumes lately, I'm stepping outside my Juicy Couture box and exploring other fragrances. I recently was asked to try a few fragrances from Masik. What caught my attention is that they partnered with colleges around the country to create a scent for each school. There is nothing like putting on that scent that reminds you of your trip to Mexico, and that is what they are trying to create.

Inspiration for NC State:
"A signature scent exclusively created to capture the essence of NC State. The Bell Tower's Glow in the Setting Sun, The Unruly Fever of the Wolfpack and the Fiery Burn of NC State Red. Dazzling, Confident and Fun."

TOP · Red Granadilla Fruit, Crushed Kiwi, Key Lime Zest, Cherry Nectar

MIDDLE · Red Rosella Petals, Exotic Passionflower, Star Jasmine
BASE · Smooth Sandalwood, Sun-bleached Woods, Sensual Musk

This is one is by far my favorite it smells like Clinique Happy which reminds me of my high school days and I am pretty obsessed! Such a sweet smell. I smell cherry right away, very fruity.

Inspriation for Ole Miss: 

"A signature scent exclusively created to capture the essence of Ole Miss. The Unrivaled Elegance of the Grove, The Fervor of the Rebels and the Endless Obsession of Red and Blue. Stunning, Graceful and Breathtaking."

TOP · Sparkling Bergamot, Lemon Zest, Ruby Raspberry

MIDDLE · Rich Black Currant, Crushed Tonka Beans, Sweet Blueberry
BASE · Amber Woods, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla

This is more mellow and a little musky. You can definitely smell the vanilla and sandalwood. A scent that is perfect for night-time wear.

Inspiration for Oklahoma State:

"A signature scent exclusively created to capture the essence of the University of Oklahoma. The Rich Tradition of Crimson and Cream, The Immense Pride of the Sooners and the Beauty of Norman. Exhilarating, Cool and Magnetic."

TOP · Lychee, Freesia and Valencia Oranges

MIDDLE · Rose, Lush Peony, Soft Magnolia
BASE · Soft Balsam, Exotic Vanilla, Patchouli

This is very floral smelling and I can smell the vanilla in there too. Rose is always a really pleasant smell and it isn't overpowering at all.This is also a mellow and soft scent. Love this one too!

If you want to find your school scent click on the banner above! This is such an awesome idea, what better way to show your school spirit then to rock it's very own scent! Even Carmello Anthony is a fan of his school scent see what he says his school smells like HERE 

So far these three smell great! There is nothing cheap smelling about them and to be honest I am really dying to know what the rest smell like!

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