Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cosmo Prof Mini Haul

Cosmo Prof is probably my favorite place to shop. (only for licensed cosmetologists and Esthetician)  Its like my Toys-R-Us and I can never leave there without buying things I do not need. It's retro month so everything is baby pinks and blues, mint greens and banana yellows. I have a bajillion bobby pins but not one in a cute match box. I have tons of round brushes but not one that's pink and teal! 

Anyways moving on, I got three nail polishes from the Hello Flamingo Collection that is exclusive to Cosmo Prof only! I got an Olivia Garden Rpund brush because I was recently introduced to the brand and I had to have this brush (review coming soon). And lastly no haul is complete without buying something you see last minute at the counter. A 99 cent matchbook with 24 bobby pins that I will never use. I only bought it because it was cute lol. Anyways I had to share this cute, and colorful haul!

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