Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lipstick Queen: Oxymoron Open Secret Cheek & Lip Duo Review

Finding good lip & cheek duos are hard, I have tried a lot and not many work well. Lipstick Queen came out with one in April 

The color of this blush is perfect and right up my alley. I love lighter pink blushes, they always give a gorgeous glow on fair skin. The pigmentation is incredible, if you are using this on your cheeks a little goes a long way, and I suggest using your fingers to apply first then use a brush to blend it out. You do need to work quickly while the product is still creamy. If you are using this on your lips you can create a soft pink stain or build it up for a bolder matte look. It dries down to a matte lipstick and feels very soft with no drying. It does transfer a little the first couple times then works like a stain. I use a lip brush to apply to my lips to get even coverage I tried to use my fingers and got messy.

This color gives a gorgeous pink glow to your face and a bright pigmented look to your lips. It really is the perfect duo and this will forever be a must have in my opinion.  The fact that this is so versatile and build-able makes this the perfect product. 

Available at SpaceNK or LipstickQueen

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