Wednesday, June 25, 2014

L'Occitane Vanille & Narcisse Perfumed Soap

This was my first time visiting the L'Occitane store and I was in heaven! Not only was I so overwhelmed with all the scents and amazing products but the customer service was great as well. They guy helping me gave me tons of samples that I am already in love with! I went in initially to find shaving cream for my husband and walked out with a bar of soap for me instead!

This soap is by far the most powerful, amazing scented soap I have ever tried. And not an overwhelming scent either, its a very soft musky, vanilla scent. Its a very rich soap and lathers instantly and it is so creamy! It leaves your skin so soft and feeling clean, no residue is left behind at ALL! I can literally just sit here and smell the bar all day that's how amazing it is and it even makes my whole bathroom smell amazing. I would say its a very unisex scent too, my husband loves it as well. As soon as I can get back I am going to try the body milk and shower gel in the same scent.

I know this picture below doesn't look like the soap but it is the right one, and will take you to the site :)

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