Tuesday, June 3, 2014

NYX Butter Lipsticks- Cotton Candy & Gumdrop Swatches

 I have two more NYX Butter Lipsticks to share! I usually only buy these on the NYX website since I am pro, but I saw these at Ulta and had to have these shades!

I have reviewed these before here.

Above: In direct sunlight 
Below: In natural lighting 
Cotton Candy is a very light, pale pink it looks gorgeous on my arm but the formula on this one disappointed me. It was very hard to achieve an opaque look, I felt like I was swiping forever to build up color. This was a tad chalky looking too and settled in my lines and didn't last long at all. But still a pretty color.

 Gumdrop was much more opaque and it's a brighter barbie pink. This one was a tiny bit chalky as well but not terrible. I didn't need to build this one up at all. Gorgeous color payoff. 

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