Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Battle of the Makeup Wipe: Olay Fresh Effects Everything Off Review

After alll the hype that I have heard about these, I am just now testing these out. So far I'd say these are in the lead! I am not partial to only one brand of wipes and I will continue to try anything and everything. But I am on the hunt for the perfect makeup removing wipes that will hopefully, one day be my holy grail wipes. 

Love the packaging on these they live up to the name Fresh effects. They smell wonderful, they have a light fresh scent. They are gentle on the eyes, no burning or irritation! They have an essence of white tea extract & honeysuckle. These claim to wipe away waterproof mascara as well. My first night using this I wasn't wearing any waterproof mascara but I did have a full face of makeup including Urban Decay 24 Glide on pencil (which I put on my hand below for a demo). 

It does an amazing job at wiping everything away, I gently wiped my face using circular motions and I did need two towelettes to clean everything off. Below I put some swatches on my hand so you can see how well it takes everything off. It did leave a slight residue of the blue liner (which was in our June Ipsy bag). This liner is hard to remove and I didn't scrub my hand at all, but it did eventually come off.

These are a must have for me and I love them, they leave your face so smooth and soft with little residue left behind but can be easily wiped off.

Olay Fresh Effects Everything Off Makeup Removal Wipes

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