Monday, July 14, 2014

Maybelline Color Tattoos- Leather Collection Swatches

Don't feel like you need to run to the drugstore for these, out of the 4 that I got only two are worth it. After going to multiple stores to track these down, I finally found them at a CVS for $6.99 each.

These come in five shades and I have four to show you.

Vintage Plum
Deep Forest 
Creamy Beige
Dramatic Black
Chocolate Suede ( missing)

Since I filmed my video I have had a chance to try all four shades on the lid.

All colors are a matte finish, one of them having a glow as well. Vintage Plum and Deep Forest were very patchy when swatching. They were also the same upon applying them to my lids. Some areas would be more pigmented making it impossible to work with on my lids. I couldn't get an even application with these two, which is a disappointment because I really love the Vintage Plum shade. Deep forest isn't a color I would wear too often so I didn't really mess with that one too much. Creamy beige is a gorgeous color and it has a tiny sheen to it as well. I was most impressed with Dramatic Black as I thought it would be patchy but it's consitancy is very creamy like creamy beige. 

 I got all day wear with creamy beige with no creasing and my eye shadow stayed put all day.

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