Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Guest Post: The ‘off season’ lip thing

     The lipstick is like a magician to our lips. Within seconds it can transform our whole face into a different one. If you look at a picture taken by some Los Angeles advertising photographer of a hot girl with red lips, you instantly think that she’s a Vamp lady or a bad girl. If you see a blonde with pink lipstick on her lips, you think that she’s a total sweetheart…and so on. But what if I told that sometimes the ‘badest’ chick in your neighborhood can wear a baby pink lip gloss or no lipstick at all? The thing is that the pink lip gloss just fits her better.
      The lipstick, just like some clothing is an ‘off season’ detail. Its actual goal is to match with the rest of your look. Depending on the color of your skin, hair and eyes, you have to choose a lipstick that makes you look awesome. You don’t need a complete explanation of the fact the cold shades( the violet spectrum) fit better pink and white complexions, while the warm shades(the red and orange spectrums) match the darker types. You can choose the color of your lipstick depending on the time of the day when you will wear it. From 9 am to 5 pm, the warm and creamy shades (natural colors close to pink and beige) will look better, especially in the cold light of the neon office. Because the evening light is discreet and silent, for the dinner, you can wear intense shades: dark burgundy for the natural redheads and blondes; brick red for the olive kind of skin of hot brunettes like Eva Longoria. The warm pink makes your lips look peaches, while the cold pink is almost purple. So when you’re not sure about what kind of pink fits you the best, try the transparent purple or the beige pink. These shades, if not too intense are welcomed by everybody. Also the light brown and generally, the nude shades with golden reflections are always perfect. The nude shades are the golden middle of the lipstick world. They go perfectly in the morning and in the evening, for the date and for the office meeting.
     And also, never forget that the very shiny gloss and the glitter makeup should be kept exclusively for the evening.

-Catherine M

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