Saturday, December 6, 2014

Garnier Fructis: Damage Eraser Reconstructing Butter Review

I love hair products and as a hairstylist I am not against drugstore products either. Having said that Garnier has never really been a favorite of mine as far as shampoo & conditioner but when I saw this I had to pick it up. I have also had this since summer with every intention of reviewing, but here it is now. 

What they say:
"The formula with Phyto-Keratin® complex, containing plant-based proteins and active fruit concentrate, and cupuaƧu butter, with natural lipids, works in two ways to strengthen and rejuvenate hair. 90% of Hair's Strength Reconstructed from Root to Tip* with this hair strengthening treatment for damaged hair. 3X the Damage Resistance.Grapefruit Antioxidant + Natural Protein. "

Quoted from the Garnier Website

I haven't tried too many hair masks or re-constructors from the drugstore this maybe my first that I can remember and its amazing! At first I was thinking it was going to be too thick on the hair leaving a residue behind but it does exactly the opposite. This stuff feels and smells so great! I usually leave it on for about 5 minutes concentrating on my midshaft to ends. I don't really put it at the roots so much. After I rinse it out my hair literally feels like buttery soft, smooth silk!! This stuff is incredible. No residue left behind, no waxy or silicone feeling on the hair once it is dried.

I just recently bleached my whole head to go light red and this has been my holy grail hair product this past few months. Styling my hair has never been better and I really don't need a ton of silkining mists or serums to style it after using this!

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