Thursday, December 11, 2014

Lush Snowman Shower Jelly Review

New to Lush for the holidays is the Snowman Shower Jelly and as a big fan of the jelly's this was a must have for me! This is limited edition so get it before the holidays are over!! 

So as far as the scent, I love it, it actually smells like the Santa Scrub which is now discontinued! It has a very sweet carrot like smell with citrus. It is really hard to pinpoint but it smells wonderful. Shower jelly's are my favorite, so when I heard there was one the shape of a snowman I had to get it. The shape of him does make it extremely difficult to handle in the shower and he isn't that easy to break of little pieces either. Sadly my little guy broke right away after taking him out of the tub since they do fold him up in there. 

I don't really notice shimmer either, I mean I see no glitter or shimmer for that matter. Unless they are talking about a luminous glow? Because I can kind of see where it does make your skin a bit more glowy.

You know I love my Lush products but unfortunately, this wasn't everything I'd hoped for but for the scent alone I would buy it again. But like I said it is very hard to handle because of it's shape and you might spend a lot of time chasing him in the shower if he slips out of your hands. Try freezing this one!! 

This little guy is $6.95

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