Wednesday, March 5, 2014

be Delectable Lemon & Cream Hand Cream and Body Polish Review

Press Sample

There area few scents in this world that I absolutely love, lemon being one of them. But when you combine lemon & cream- OMG heaven! be Delectable from Cake Beauty is a new five piece collection with four amazing fragrances. 

In four Delicious Flavors- Coconut & Cream, strawberry & cream, lemon & cream, vanilla & cream.
Formulated with up to 95% natural ingredients including Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, and Shea Butter.

Monday, March 3, 2014

My Disneyland Getaway Plus Tips & Tricks

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you would know I am a Disneyland Annual Pass-holder, and that I am obsessed with Disneyland. A little break from beauty and a look into the happiest place on earth everyone needs a little Disney in their lives right?

So this is a little bit of two trips, these two are from January and February.  I have gone a total of five times since September and every time we go we learn new and fun things about Disneyland! I thought I'd share a some tips to help manage your time and budget when you are planning a trip.

Best times to go to Disneyland

If you are looking to avoid those heavy crowds here are the best times to go.

After Jan 2nd - 31st is less busy, although stay away from Martin Luther King weekend. 
Feb 1st-Feb 14th the crowds aren't crazy but a little busy
Feb 24-28 It gets slow again
March 1st-6th its pretty slow
Then Spring Break hits and for the next two months forget about it.
April 27th- May 2 it dies down again
Most of May is pretty slow but the weekends in May are PACKED!
June- Sept are the busiest months  
Sept 2nd-30th are slow but stay away from the last weekend of the month
Oct 1st-31st are usually slow except the weekends. But last year October was packed! The new Mickeys party had the park closing a few nights a week at 6pm for a special event. Weekends in October are like summer!

Also you have to remember most weekends are going to be packed always, some weekends more than others. Saturdays are blocked for most pass holders so that day is better than Sunday. (The deluxe pass is what I have and we have no black out dates.)

*Get to the park as soon as it opens. We did this in Feb and we got done with every ride we wanted to do in two hours. Then the 11 o clock rush starts pouring in. That's when we head to DCA.

* If you can get magical morning where you get into the park an hour early do it! This is usually only for Tomorrow Land and Fantasy Land. Fantasy Land is usually packed all day, waiting in 40 min lines for rides!

It was Mardi Gras when we went in Feb and New Orleans Square was decorated soooo cute!

Quick pic of Pirates :) 

The flowers were swapped out for Valentines Day how awesome???

Now for some tips on food and budgeting
 I usually go to Disneyland with my hubby or boys but this last time I went with my sister, so we stuck to a strict budget.

Food can no doubt be expensive inside the parks and people always say take food in, but when you're in the park you can lose track of time and getting to the picnic area to eat can take you a good 30 mins.


* Try to sit down at a restaurant and eat. You may think this is more expensive but you get more for your buck. 
For example when my husband and I went in Jan we stopped at a little food stand and  2 pretzels, an empanada, drink and a beer was around $30 bucks! The stands is what gets you, they know you're hungry and you want food now! 

Instead try going in to the Plaza Inn or Carnation Cafe for two of us at either place it was around $11 per person, but the portions are big, So big that we wanted a nap after. Also of you have a pass you get a 10-15% discount on places that you can sit down at.

*If you absolutely do not want to spend much money in the park you can bring food in and eat in the picnic area next to the park.

*Eating in Downtown Disney is always a good idea. Earl of Sandwich is a sandwich shop and they have some darn good food! $6-7 per person!

Moving on to Disney California Adventure (DCA) 
Disneyland will always be my favorite but I love DCA just because of Tower of Terror and Screamin!

We love Screamin

Even when it's pouring down rain!

Tower of Terror!!!!!!!!!!!

We do poses every time we go, we even try to get the whole group to pose. We probably ride this at least 6 times a day when we are there.

If you have not been to The Mad Tea Party, it is so fun! They have live performers singing, bars bubbles, and all kinds of fun adult stuff lol. Kids are welcome too but it is mostly a club environment the later it gets. We didn't stay long because our trip was only two days and we would rather ride Tower of Terror. But when we go again we will stay the whole time. 

Last but not least 3 must-have snacks when you visit DLR & DCA 

1) The famous huge corn dog. Its located in a little trolley looking thing right outside the Plaza Inn. Best corn dog ever!

2) The mangos. Omg these are everywhere in both parks, they sell a lot of fruit but the Mangos are a must!

3) Fried Pickles. These are at Carnation Cafe and you can't leave without having these!

Thanks for reading about my trip, tips & tricks and I'll be posting more Disneyland trips often!