Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dry Shampoo Series: KMS Hair Play Makeover Spray

 I am continuing my dry shampoo series after a very long break. I am always buying and trying new dry shampoos and I am on the hunt for the perfect one. This one I have to share with you today is a high end  dry shampoo and honestly not my favorite so far.

I've only been able to test this out twice so far and right now I am not liking it at all. I got this because of all the amazing reviews out there and because it supposedly doesn't leave a residue. Well that is not the case for me, sadly. I couldn't even tell that there was a residue left behind until I was editing my photos. If you zoom in you can see tons of white specs. I'm shaking well before spraying, so I am not sure if it's me or this stuff leaves behind massive residue. 
 It did leave my hair a bit dull after the product was brushed out but did seem to get rid of the oil pretty well. It was perfect for giving my hair some life and volume. It definitely did not lack in the style department. 

For now I m going to keep trying this, mostly as a style spray to give my hair some volume and life. But using it directly on my roots for dry shampoo, I think I'll pass. 

Have you tried this before??

$6-99 ( 2 oz)  - $19.99 (6.7 oz)

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