Thursday, January 15, 2015

NEW! Wet N Wild Fergie Around the Clock Blush Swatches

Blushes have always been my weakness when it comes to makeup products. I can honestly go nuts over any and all kinds of blushes. There are 3 new blushes to the Fergie spring 2015 collection with 2 shimmer blushes and one matte.

Looking at these colors just in the pan almost made me turn these down at first. The shimmer ones look like they have an extreme amount of glitter in them and the only matte one is the brightest one of the bunch and it looks like a scary bold color but these colors are gorgeous!

All of these blushes last all day for me and even after I swatched them they stained my skin after only being on for a couple minutes. So they definitely live up to the 10 hours of wear claim. They are also very pigmented and the product is extremely soft. There is a ton of fallout with these blushes so if this is something that bothers you, you may not enjoy these. 

A little goes a long way as well, I made the mistake of going at it and swiping my brush full force, not only did I pick up an extreme amount of product, there was a lot of fall out. So, GENTLY pick up product! I also feel like you have to work quickly with these once you place that product on your skin its started to stain immediately so work slowly and try to have a light hand when applying!

Brush with Destiny

This color is gorgeous on the cheeks. Its a more brown peachy tone blush with some gold shimmer in it. This one is my favorite!

Brush with Brilliance 
A bolder peachy-pink with gold shimmer. This one had the most staining power of the three and the most pigmented.
 Brush with Danger

This one can be discouraging just looking at it for sure, but with a light hand this blush can be the most subtle out of the three. This one is completely matte.

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