Sunday, January 11, 2015

Physicians Formula: Nude Wear Touch of Glow Stick

New to the drugstores is the Nude Wear line from Physicians Formula, in this collection is a foundation, concealer/highlighter and a cheek palette. Today I am sharing with you the Touch of Glow Stick which only comes in one shade, Nude Glow.

They claim that this can be used as a concealer, foundation, highlighter and a touch-up tool. They say it is lightweight and blends effortlessly. Vanishing dark circles and fine lines, this product seems to do it all. 

Packaging is always amazing when it comes to PF, they always make their products appealing and stand out. This product only has  0.22 oz, seems very minimal for the price you pay. 

  While I do agree with it being lightweight and blending easy I don't feel like this is good as a highlighter. My skin is pretty light so this shows up very dark under my eyes.  It did blend very nicely with my foundation and it did brighten under my eyes however it didn't work well at covering up fine lines and dark circles. I probably would continue to use this and see if it grows on me, maybe use it as a touch up tool. I do like that it illuminates the skin and it does diminish blemishes. 

Overall I am not too impressed with this, as a fan of the original touch of glow concealer I had high hopes for this. But I will continue to use this differently and see if I can get more use out of it. But for the price you pay I wouldn't repurchase this at this time. 

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